The Scents Story

Scents transport us to different times and places in our lives and burn in our memory. They make us feel at home and at ease with what is going on around us. They truly enhance our lives and our lifestyle - daily. This is the mission of Scents Home Fragrances and the reason I left the corporate world after 20 years as a Brand Marketing Executive to explore my passion for Home Fragrance. I spent over a year talking to various industry experts and scent makers before finally deciding to launch my own Brand of Fragrance Collections. One of the most significant observations I made during my quest is that the process of selecting a scent can be complex and overwhelming for some. Therefore, I was determined to create a different experience that made it less complex and more enjoyable. I decided not to offer 100s of brands, but to focus on curating a collection of the most respected and popular brands in the industry and carefully expand the collections offered. Partnering with our featured Brands, I narrowed the selection to their most popular, top-selling scents and launched the inaugural Scents Collection. We will continue to explore other great brands out there and add to our offering as we learn more about what our customers want and desire. It is about YOU and delivering the ultimate sensory experience. Cheers!