Scents4Life - YOUR Always-on Lifetime Discount

Our priority from Day One has been taking care of YOU, our customers. Without a doubt, we could not do what we love without your support. We've invested more in keeping our customers versus being focused on profit because we truly believe that we are in this "together". That's what a partnership is all about. In this spirit, we are pleased to introduce Scents4Life - YOUR always-on Lifetime Discount. YOU "invest" in us. We're stepping-up our "investment" in YOU. 

How Does it Work?

It's simple. Upon registering, you will receive a personal code that will allow you to receive 20% OFF any time on any item...all year round. There are no requirements or limitations. It's YOURS for Life. (For current Customers, your year-to-date cumulative purchase amount will be used to assign your Discount level per the chart below). And that's not all. Your Lifetime Discount will increase exponentially as your cumulative purchase amount increases and you reach the next Discount level. (See example below).

IF you want to increase your Discount before your personal code is assigned, between now and May 22 you can apply our sitewide 25% off Discount Code 4LIFE and earn up to 30% OFF for Life. 

Remember, the 20% is yours regardless of how much you spend. You don't lose it. If you choose to use the 4LIFE Discount code before 5/22, your cumulative amount will be used to determine your Discount and you code will be distributed to you. Current registered Customer purchase amounts will be included in cumulative total to determine your personal Discount.

Discount Levels (above the 20% OFF)

25% = $300 - $499.99 Annually

30% = $500 + Annually

Example: Deborah's cumulative purchase amount since registering as a customer is $225. She spends an additional $75 between now and 5/22 using the 4LIFE Discount. Her new cumulative total qualifies her for a 25% Lifetime Discount. Her personal Discount code will be distributed for 25% OFF. All she has to do to maintain it, is spend the same annually. IF she doesn't, she still has the 20% OFF. Any purchase she makes during the year using her Discount code will be added to her cumulative total. When she reaches the next level, her discount code will increase automatically. How can she beat that anywhere?

Register NOW for YOUR Lifetime Discount and Get Started!