We're Lit for DTLA

We've created an exclusive shopping experience just for you! Shop from the convenience of your DTLA home for the best in Home Fragrance home, decor, gifts and we'll deliver right to your door. No cost to you. Plus as a DTLA resident you receive 15% off your purchase ($59.99 +) any time of the year. Code DTLA15 (DTLA10 for 10% off any purchase).

And for you Candle fanatics, you'll have direct access to our Candle Club Happy Hours where we "test' new seasonal scents, drink some vino, and have a great time getting to know one another. You can also become a "Resident Sponsor" of one of our Events in your home or building. As one of our Host, you will receive a Sponsor Package for every party you host. 

We've made it simple to get what you need. Simply shop the Scents Home Fragrances website, make your purchase. Note. The system will calculate a shipping costs based on the weight of the item. This will automatically be credited back to your account after processing the transaction. We will confirm it by email. Send us a message via Messenger with any details you want us to know. If it is a gift, tell us what it's for so we can choose the right gift-wrapping paper. If you want it delivered same day or a specific time, let us know the date as well. We'll take care of getting it to your building and delivered to your door.

You can also earn Rewards Points for each purchase dollar and a Referral Bonus for every friend you refer. Look for the Rewards icon on the Home Page, click and sign-up. Checkout all of our other benefits like FREE samples, Buy and Try Option all designed to make sure you get the scents you want and be sure of your purchase.

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