Experience the Scents Difference

As a Scent Fanatic, when I decided to launch the Scents Home Fragrance brand and store, I was bound and determined to "disrupt" the Home Fragrance model for shopping and purchasing scents at retail and online. I understood first-hand how complex it can be to find the scent(s) you are looking for. Instead of presenting customers with 1000s of options and trying to compete with the "biggest candle store", I was determined to partner with my featured collection owners to hand-select the top selling, most popular scents and continue to add to the collection as I learned more about what you need and desire. 

Second, I'm a huge believer in rewarding loyalty and acknowledging customer value for choosing to business with us. Therefore, we launched a "first" in the Home Fragrance Industry with our ScentSations Rewards and Referral Program in which we Reward our customers with 5 points for each dollar spent (the industry standard is 1 point for every $). Plus, we realize how valuable a referral from a friend or family member can be and we wanted to Reward you for sharing the love and helping us get new customers through your own efforts. We give you $10 for reach referral and when they make their first purchase, they get a discount and get immediate access to the Rewards Program.

It doesn't stop there, we give you more ways to shop and engage with us to find what you're looking for AND when you are not sure which scent you want, we offer the Buy and Try option so you can make up your mind and feel certain you made the right decision. (Or you can request FREE samples in 3 of your preferred scents).

Most recently, for those who are loyal to one scent or more and always want to make sure they have one ready to burn, we launched our subscription option and offer you 15% off your first and future scheduled purchases...and you decide when you want to receive them...AND you can change your mind on which scents you want to receive without having to purchase a different scent with the subscription option.

We believe when it comes to "why" we've given you more reasons and options to shop with us and be rewarded based on when and how you like to shop. We will never take our customers for granted and love to hear your feedback and ideas for improving YOUR experience.

This is the Scents Difference. Experience it.