Cozying up to Hygge

"Hygge" is a trending term you might have seen on social or on various home decor websites. For those who aren't in the know (and don't feel bad, I just got up to speed not long ago), Hygge (pronounced hue-guh not hoo-gah) is a Danish word used to acknowledge a feeling or moment, ordinary or extraordinary as cozy, charming or special. Particularly significant to Danes in the Winter months, "Hygge" has become the new modern term for "cozying"  your environment to make it more intimate. Though not a new "term" or concept, it has given new life to helping us connect with simple pleasures and create spaces that make us feel at home. 

The  "Hygge trend", to me, is not just about the environment, we create around us. It extends to our attitude and plays a major role in determining how we "feel" about life on a daily basis. The Danes understand that the normal things in life that are considered by most to be "routine" like brewing coffee in the morning, walking the dog or cooking a meal, can be something enjoyed without effort. Therefore, they incorporate hygge into their daily life so it becomes a natural extension of who they are and how they live. It is truly a way of life.

One of my favorite things about "living hygge" is the use of Candles in creating warm, welcoming, cozy spaces. It's no surprise that the majority of Danes associate "hygge" with Candles. The glow of candles creates the perfect atmosphere for feeling at home. Whether it’s during a night in alone, or while entertaining close friends, there’s nothing more enticing and inviting than a burning candle casting light and fragrance in a room.

I think we can all learn from the Danes and make our rushed lives more calm, peaceful and relaxing to get the "respite" we so desperately need to stay centered and balanced. Living "hygge" can be a way of life for all of us. 

To be continued with "Tips to Hygge your home and life".




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