Sparking Memories

They say scents spark a memory and the moments that define our lives. Think about that. Scents help define the place and time for the moments that make up our lives. They literally can transport us. People laugh when I say "it's not about buying a candle. It's about the experience you get when you burn the candle." Scent is all around us, everyday. Whether we like the smell or not, fragrance plays a huge role in our emotions and can influence attitudes and behavior. One of the most enjoyable aspects of scents in my life is when I enter my home or room and the aroma hits me. It sets the tone for the environment and the mood. Nothing like your favorite scent after a long day to help you find that zone of peace and calm you need. And the scents we are attracted to are those that deliver the experience and environment we desire. It's about your lifestyle and finding the scents that "fit" you. We spend a significant amount of time talking about matching fragrance to lifestyle...and we will continue to because we believe  now more than ever individuals are seeking and forging stronger emotional ties to their homes and enjoying the simple pleasures like burning your favorite scent, wrapping up in your cozy throw. We are all approaching and experience scent in new ways. And we are becoming more passionate about it.

In our mission to deliver the ultimate sensory experience, and to make it easier and more enjoyable, we always have you in mind. Not to sell you a candle, but to help you create and experience those moments that will spark a memory and make you smile. So, when you see one of our posts or messages tagged with "Find the scent that is yours," you know why it is there and that it serves as a reminder to us all.

We'd love to hear what you think and the role scents play in your daily life. Please add your comments below.




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