Southern Country Chic with a Modern Twist

It's hard not to be inspired by the story of Hillhouse Naturals. Especially the Mother, Daughter team that make it happen every day. Peggy Batts and Tracy Sullivan; The epitome of hard-working business women committed to their craft, the customers...and "family" of employees. A true family owned and operated business in every sense. 

The Hillhouse Naturals farm story began over 30 years ago in Kentucky. Peggy and her husband were farmers. She had always loved crafts and making things, and would use the beautiful botanicals and wildflowers that surrounded their farm to to create wreaths, sachets and potpourris. Tracy helped too - her after school “job” was picking flowers (and later her inspiration for creating the Field + Fleur Collection). They loved farm life but struggled to make ends meet, but never gave up and used their determination and resourcefulness to create an opportunity.

Their big break came when Peggy took some wreaths to a local craft fair, not expecting much to happen. Well, it did. Country Living showed up and bought everything she had. And that's not all. They wanted Peggy to start selling to them and encouraged her to expand. She went to the bank and got a 500 dollar loan that got them started on what became a thriving business and a real family affair. Her husband used his skills fixing farm equipment to create custom machinery for production. Daughter Tracy had a unique after school “job” - which was picking flowers which, as we mentioned earlier, was the reason and inspiration to finally apply her creative genes to create another wildly popular Collection for Hillhouse - Field + Fleur.

"I always say that I grew up in a field of flowers, so I called my new collection "Field + Fleur" - field and flower. Field + Fleur features scents that are a unique interpretations of beloved classics plus edgier, fun fragrances The packaging is streamlined and simple, at home in any décor."

Today they offer candles, diffusers, body products and more. Each Hillhouse Naturals collection has been designed to reflect their own style and aesthetic - Southern country chic with a modern twist. The first two fragrance collections Peggy designed - Fresh Linen and Cashmere - continue to be best sellers. She is inspired by many things including travel. She andTracy take trips around the globe together - but her main inspiration is the farm and the home she has created with her family, including their long-standing employees. Hillhouse is a Farm to your Home "Gem" that we are so fortunate to have discovered and offer to you. 

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