Home for the Holidays: Scents Re-create Your Fondest Memories

No matter where you are this Holiday Season, a Candle will likely be burning. For a lot of us, it will be our "family" home. Undoubtedly those scents will take you back to a moment that now defines what Home for the Holidays means to you. And along with it, the emotions come rushing back. 

“Our sense of smell is one of the most important senses we have,” says Laura Slatkin, founder and executive chairwoman of Nest Fragrances. “At the holidays, candles are a festive tradition, like your family’s favorite stuffing.”

Warm gingerbread, crushed peppermint, freshly cut pine, firewood - are among some of the most mentioned when people are asked about scents that remind them of the Holidays and being home with family. All wonderful and warm that create that feel of comfort. And that is really what it's all about - the comfort and warmth we experience in our hearts and in our homes during the season that families and loved ones come together to celebrate. And yes, for some of us, the Holidays with family are not always "cheery and bright", so to speak. Family can be the most challenging during the Holidays, but lighting a candle immediately changes the mood and moment and helps us remember the good times that we cherish regardless of what life throws at us. Scents have a way to change the dialogue and redirect us, remind us of what "home" really means and why it so important that we all feel at home no matter where we are - not just during the Holidays.

What scent(s) re-create your Holiday memories? For me, it is the memory of the fireplace burning with the fresh smell of Pine wafting in the air from the tree and the garland as I sit patiently for Christmas Dinner to be ready, listening to all the hub-bub in the kitchen as my Mom and Aunts prepared the spread of food - especially the sage from the Dressing. My favorite dish. I loved those moments then and now, they are priceless because nothing remains the same. Life marches on. Yet, any time I light a candle reminiscent of a burning fire, Pine or the sage from the dessing, I go right back to my place in front of the fireplace. Most importantly, emotionally I return to how I felt and I let it comfort me and allow me to feel at "home" once more. Sometimes it brings tears to my eyes, but when the tears are gone, a small smile breaks through and I move on trying to create new memories to be re-created for my family. 

This season, there are so many new scents that not re-create memories, but blend the scents that define multiple memories and moments, unique, compelling, but most all comforting and welcoming. 

Let us know what you favorite memories are. We'd love to hear them and share them with our fans.

Happy Holidays. Let the sparkle and glow.


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